Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Humorous swap

Humorous swap
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I belong to a Yahoo Group that do swaps frequently. One of the themes that I thought was neat was the humorous card swap. Some people interpret it as something that makes you smile, I interpreted it as something funny. Which we all have those smirky smarty-pants kinda stamps like: Some people say housework won't kill you, but why risk it? Or friends don't let friends drink white zin. Or something silly like that. Nothing too outlandish like the Dirty Skank blog, but nothing too tame either.

Anyway, when I was in Vegas, I visited the Viva Las Vegas Stamps (which btw, I do not recommend during summer time, because they're in a small shack and A/C is not working real well ~ try that in 106 heat). As I disgress, they have tons of smarty-pants type of stamps. I guess not much else to do but gamble in the dessert.

So, I thought, that's perfect for my humorous swap. I picked the confetti paper because it looks like something you definitely hate to vaccum after every party. So, it is only fitting...

In case you can't see the wording, it said, "Vaccuming is so much more fun when the hamsters are loose". That's just funny to me. Silly, I know.

Card by DCWV
Patterned Paper by Dina's Closet
Stamps by Viva Las Vegas Stamps

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