Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Apple for you

Apple for you
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You know, growing up in HK, I never had given my teacher any apple of any sort. Nor do we do gifts to the teachers. It's not until I moved to the States that people started to do it, and you felt like you have to keep up w/ the Joneses. Luckily, I liked my teachers here, so I'm happy to give, versus my teachers in HK were mean and they do believe in corpal punishment.

Anyway, I like Apple fine, nothing against it or giving it... but it's very weird to give food to people if you didn't hand made it. It's not fancy or whatever. Why Apple? Why not banana nut bread? Or muffin? Why food? As a teacher, I'd be afraid of what kind of journey that food item has taken in order to make it to your desk, wouldn't you?

Alright, off of my rant.

This is one of my cards going towards the Splendid Olympics. I know it's goofy of me, but the stamp is too cute... I just have to do it.

You know, what's weird? I actually had painted what you see is white in a light lavender but it's not showing up on the photo... go figure. Hmm...

Well, it's nice and sunny out, so hope it is where you are as well.

Card & Patterned Paper by DCWV
Stamp by Splendid

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