Monday, October 27, 2008


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I saw this card, it just calls for something in the middle... and so I did the flowers... I love how simple and effective the flowers are. I think because there are some serious illnesses around me, I'm thinking that this should be a sympathy card, but either way... it works as a Just Because type of notes too.

You can't see it, but the stamp: Just A Note, I had traced it w/ a glitter pen, and so it's shiny. I like all things shiny, sometimes I'm just trying not to go overboard.

Anyway, it's a simple and effective kinda card... one stone, 2 birds...


I've been doing some stamping over the weekend. Splendid is having a Olympic, to see how many cards you can make w/ only their stamps. I was doing so good on Saturday, but by Sunday, my mojo kinda fizzled out. Ah well.

If you wanna play, the deadline for the Olmypics is Nov.2nd, and you can only use their stamps. Post a link to your site or email her the pics. Good luck!

Card by Marco Paper
Stamps by Splendid

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Sandie C said...

Simple but very elegant card.