Thursday, October 30, 2008


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You know, ever since my friend Minty exposed me to A Muse, I always liked their stuff... Recently, they had a thing where they waived the shipping charge. I'm a sucker for that. I think mainly it's because to me, it's like paying for taxes, you have to spare extra for that charge. Except, you never know what it is... unlike taxes, there's a flat rate wherever you are. Some states has no sales tax. But, shipping charges sometimes seems arbitrary. I understand that small businesses like stamp companies need to recoup some of that cost, but some places just seems outrageous to me.

That's why, if there's a stamp company that said if you buy more than X, we'll waive the shipping, more than likely I will frequent your place. Versus, despite some of the stamp companies has excellent products, I'd rather go to LSS for that instead. I know it's silly because I do wind up paying a bit more at the LSS with their overhead and sales tax, just figure I might as well spread the love around, especially I'm just buying one or two stamps instead of a lot.

Anyway, so, had a sale and threw in some cards as a bonus. YAY! So, I went to town... well, sort of.

These are the 2 I've been dying to play with since I saw them online. Boy, did I enjoy inking that up!

I've volunteered my service to make invites for 2 different friend's baby showers. One is coming up soon... so I'm playing around w/ different style and layout. This is one of them. You can't see the word very well on the photo, but it said 'She's Expecting'. Thought that's appropriate.

I'm struggling w/ the color because when you make cards/invites like that, are you supposed to catered to the mother? Or are you supposed to cater to the sex of the baby? I'm very confused on that. We'll see.

Card by SU
Background and dress stamp by A Muse
Word stamp by Hampton Arts

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