Friday, October 3, 2008


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So, this is a fancy schmancy card for me... I just wish that I had done a better job on the borders... don't look so close!

I got the idea to do this card from a catalog that we get at work. This time of year we usually get alot of cards and gift basket catalog to get people thinking about their client during the holidays.

I just like to flip thru to see what's the trends are. Some of them are truly hard to duplicate, but this is one of the ones that when I saw it, I immediately jumped on it and thought how cool is that? I have the stamps to make it and it'll come pretty close. I wish I've kept the catalog because now I got another one at work and don't know which is which and I don't see the card to show you.

Anyway, the one they had the box is on the other side and it was for Xmas but I just did a solemn thank you... that would be perfect for guys.

All supplies by SU

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