Friday, August 3, 2007

Alright, I was slacking off yesterday. Work work work, ya know. ;) Need to support my expensive habit urh... hobby.

It's no surprise that other than stamping, and recently skating, shopping is also a big hobby of mine. LOL. I wish I can be like this chick and go shopping with a car full of stuff. When I was in Chicago and went to my 'usual' places, there were things but nothing for me to buy. You experience that? You have money burning a hole in your pocket and nothing to spend it on. That's ok, just trying to save for a big purchase for different stampy stuff. :) Just thinking about it makes me giddy. =^_^=

Sad news for friend of mine, but maybe good news for you out there in blogland. Co-worker's mom passed away, she is also an avid crafter, and my coworker knows that I'm a freak about it, so she gave me her mom's stuff. Alot of them will be donated to children's hospital and they can play with it. Mainly because it's half cut papers and used pencils and what nots. But, there are alot of unopened Soft Spoken embellishment stuff. So, once I get them sorted out, I'll do it here candy style.

Sometimes I wonder what would DH do if I pass and have all these little papers and stamps all over the place. Would it be silly if I included in my will to have him eBay them? Hmm... I do remember one time there was a huge lot of stuff on eBay for sale, and the seller specifically said she doesn't know much, just trying to sell her deceased mother's craft stuff and find them a good home. Poor girl.

Anyway, on an up note, a friend of mine found out that she's preggers, so I'm going to make her a card, hope to have something to share soon!

Patterned Paper by Provo Craft Ectetera
Stamp by Rubber Romance
3D Embellishment by K&CO.
Color by Prismacolor

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