Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baby is cold... urh...

I love the song Baby, It's Cold Outside. It's been covered by alot of artists, my favorite one is done w/ Suzanne Boggess. It's different, it's cute. Well, there's no cold weather in sight here in Texas. It's like the 5th day on 100's degrees. That's hot as Hades when you add 80-90% humidity. When you go outside, not only heat hits you in the face, you get a warm breeze brushing thru your hair... you feel like you should be able to enjoy it, but you can't because it's so hot. Grrr... Bring the rain back!

So, needless to say anything that can take my mind off of the heat is definitely welcomed! I'm part of a Yahoo group that do stamped, 3D embellishment cards. The ladies there are very talented. So, this is a creation by Michelle Q. What is so unique is that the snow in the background is actually done w/ a bleach pen. I've always wanted to do that, but too chicken. Knowing me, I'd knock over the pen on something I really love and ruin things. Have been known to happen. I swear.

Anyway, hope it's not as hot wherever you are.


Queen Pamedalah said...

Cute Card!

Laura said...

Hello and thanks for your cute blog. I am enjoying looking at your work. Love this snowman!
I am commenting also to let you know that you won my blog brownie! I recently went on vacation and challenged bloggers to comment on how many emails they though I would have when I returned. You were only 6 emails off with your guess! I had 498. You can view your blog brownie at my site: http://stampsinkpaper.blogspot.com
I'll just need your snail addy to get it out to you! Congratulations!

Allison said...

Love this!