Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bad Day at work. *pout*

See, back in the day (who knows from 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s~I think), people were allowed to put booze in their drawers. I now know why. Not only is work stressful, it's also very unpleasant. You're spending more than 40 hours with these people that you have to see day in and day out. There are times I see my co-workers more than I see DH. So, it really doesn't make sense when they're making your day unpleasant and you feel like you have to defend yourself.

Since I don't have booze easily accessible to me, I'll just have to craft out my frustrations. I do however, admire my martini girl. She can drink all that she can for the two of us. LOL. :P Seriously, I'm not a Martini Girl, not even thru the whole SATC revolution. I'm the girly drink kinda girl. But hey, who's complaining, right? ;-P

Anyway, will talk about the Blog Candy tomorrow. Need to go craft things out. Hey, all that money into the supplies it's my therapy, ya know. ;)

Martini Vellum
Stamp by Rubber Romance
Color by Prismacolor

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