Monday, August 20, 2007

Shopping weekend

I don't usually get a chance to go to multiple stores, so I have to brag and do a card post later. ;)

I always complain about this, but being the 4th largest city that I'm in, there's no stamp stores or decent scrapbook stores inside the loop. For you non-locals, all the haps are usually inside the loop, but apparently people who love to paper craft or scrapbook are not. So, have to resort to Michaels and Hobby Lobby, which btw, the one in my area suck, I have to go another locations of both of those franchise to get something decent. Sad, I know. That's why I get so much stuff online and buying like a maniac.

Anyway, want to show you guys 2 spots down South part of town. They're both in Clear Lake/Friendswood area. Think NASA, that's in that neck of the woods.

First it's By Design Scrapbook Boutique. It's kinda funny, I was told about this from a friend that lives in Arizona. For some reason, people from out of state knows more about this store than alot of hard core locals. As you can see, they are playing up the chic factors here. Hot pink and damask designs everywhere, and if you want to see more pics Click here. The place is really as neat as you see them here. As far as merchandise goes, the price is good, but the lines are not as much as I would expect them to carry. They have the Basic Grey, the Making Memories, and Hambly. Since right now, they're in, but I think they have potential to do more. They are real big fans of Heidi Swapp, who can blame them, their stuff are quality stuff. But, like I said, I think they can carry more without too cluttery.

I really hope that they do well, and keep up the chic-ness. We need a place like that, and the owner, Tracy was very nice. She rang me up, and was talking about donating stuff she can't sell to churches. That's totally awesome, seeing how expensive things are nowadays for her do that, that's very nice. I mean, I know she gets a write off, but still. Alot of people just sell them at cost in their clearance section. Speaking of, I don't remember seeing one there. Hmm...

The other place I went to was Novel Approach. They've been around for a while, I just now gotten around to visiting them. (Did I mention that things are far from me? Like about 25 miles far.) Anyway, they have a decent size store, but they sure packed them in. I swear they have every occasion of stamps, stickers, embellishments, paper you can think of. So, I was totally thrilled and spent alot of $$ there too. :D They have the holiday stuff out already which is good for us stampers. New paper, *sniff* ahhh... paper high. *drool drool*

Alright cards later.

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metrochic said...

awesome! i'm glad you got a chance to visit and thanks for the link to this blog! (i love shameless plugs!)