Monday, August 13, 2007

Candy, candy everywhere

If you haven't already, go and comment on the post on Aug 10th. Deadline is tonight at midnight Central time zone. :)

I had worked on a few things, but didn't have time to take any pics yet. So, no pic today.

Also had been very disturbed, when I was in Chicago, I swear that I bought a stamp. So, when time comes that I want to stamp with it, I realize it's not there. No idea where it could be. I mean, it could be that the store clerk forgot to put it in the bag, or when I repack it was left at the hotel room. Or the stamp thief came and stole it. But trust me, turning your packed craft area upside down to find one stamp is just a hair-pulling experience. I was so sad that I just went online and get another one. Argh!

Here's to hoping you don't have the same experience as I did.

Pics tomorrow, I promise. :)

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