Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Let me tell you, I learned so much from everyone in the Blogasphere. All these talented ladies willing to share their work, and be someone else's inspiration. That's so awesome, that everyone is so willing. I *heart* Google Reader. Totally Mclovin' it (yes, I went to see Superbad). Oy.

If you've ever got 2 hour to kill and want some mindless entertainment, Superbad is your movie. It does have a plot, as a matter of fact, it's several plots merged into one, and have a happy ending type. I'm all for that.

Alright onto the card for today:

This is a CASE from Amy Westerman. Of course hers is much more classier. But I like how this one turned out too.

It's nice, simple, and clean. It's very monochromatic, but you can still get that the card is conveying Joy. I'm all about that. Plus, I just bought those 2 pieces of paper this weekend, they're just begging to be used. It's actually pretty awesome, the Black one is by Making Memories for their Halloween collection, but it looks nothing Halloweeny. Totally classy. *Two Thumbs Up* They also have this new flock and scratch thing too. I was drooling at the store when I saw them. Hope they have more stuff like that coming up.

White Patterned Paper by Anne Griffith
Black Patterned Paper by Making Memories
Flower stamp by Inkadinkado
Congrats stamp by Stampendous

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