Friday, August 24, 2007

Here comes the Bride

Ha, I remember when I was getting married, my priest wouldn't allow us to have 'Here Comes the Bride' as our procession song. I believe it came from 7 Wives for 7 Brothers the musical, and it essentially was making fun of the bride who will end up getting old and fat? LOL, I don't even remember, have to dig up the lyrics to know for sure. Anyway, he had some really bad association with it, and hence don't like the song.

Don't worry, I ended up w/ Cannon D, and then I had Sarah McLachlan's aria from her first album as procession song. It was just beautiful and enchanting. :) Good times, good times!

At any rate, this card is made for a co-worker of mine. She's very smart and also work very hard around here. She's of Danish decent so she's going to go back to Denmark for her wedding and then a reception here later. The office usually do some sort of gift card and a card for people to pass around and sign, so I volunteered my service. This is just nice and elegant, I thought.

Funny story: she sent me an invite, and I told my husband that we're going to a wedding in Sept. He was all on board with it, until he found out it's in Denmark. HAHA... that's too funny. He doesn't like to fly, so that wouldn't work out very well. :P

As alot of you may have encountered this, most people's respond cards are very plain, just attend/not attend type stuff. The back was blank, I just can't stand it, and stamped all over it. The groom was thoroughly impressed. Haha... too cute.

Background Damask by Impress Rubber
Bride by Rubber Romance
Ribbon by Target
Ink by Paper Salon


jodene said...

Cute card!!

chelemom said...

This is beautiful!~ Great job!