Monday, August 20, 2007

As promised...

Ok, I promised that I'll post something, here's what I've got. :)

This is also part of the commissioned cards series. Just like Jodene was saying, making men's cards are so hard. Just not hard wire that way, you know what I mean? ;P So, I had to think long and hard and see what that 'should' mean, and how it 'should' look. That's hard. Of course, I also don't want to use up my good card stock is really the story there. I'm such a hoarder. I got probably multiples of stuff, just don't want to use them up is all.

That's why, paper crafters are such pack rats. Not only are we collectors, we also can find use w/ the tiny-est piece of paper for something. Doesn't matter that I don't know what I'll be using it for now, but I'll do something with it. Oy!

Anyway, the feedback by my patron was that he likes the Maroon one for his professor as a thank you. He thinks the one with the 'little piece of paper stuck on it' is a tad frou frou. Ahem, excuse me... that is one piece of letterpressed Merci. Gimme a break! And personally, I like the navy one much more 'masculine' in compare to the Maroon one. But, hey, I'm not the one that's sending the card. So, whatev. I get paid either way.

One more from the series, I'll post that tomorrow. :)

Card stock by SU
Ink by Encore
Stamp by Impress rubber
Thank you stamp by Stampendous
Letterpress by Paper Source

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