Thursday, September 6, 2007

2 days in Paris

Don't know if anybody got a chance to see '2 days in Paris', it's done by Julie Delpy. She's the girl that's in Before Sunrise w/ Ethan Hawke. But, she's also very talented on her own merit. She wrote, directed, and acted in this film. And it's a comedy. It totally clear up any romantic notion about her as a person, she's very sarcastic and very sharp in her humor. She was teamed up w/ Adam Goldberg, and he's clearly the victim than the funny man he's known for. Basically, anything romantic about this film, the main character, the location ~ Paris, the relationship on display, has nothing truely romantic about them, more like comedy of errors.

Anyway, I've never been to the real Paris before, so I don't know how true of an image this is. But I think it's pretty darn close. When I bought this stamp set at the convention, it was sold by the husband of the owner (at Crafty Secret). So, when I went to check out, he asked if I've ever been to Paris. I said no, he said, this imagine is the exact replica of it. I asked, really? He said, he has no idea either. What a funny guy!

I actually had this set for a month or two already, but I just haven't been struck by my French muse to play w/ it. I'm not a French-nophite or anything, but there is something romantic and nice about that, even though it's just a stamp.

This card is one of those I've stamped and set aside thing. I did the stamping of the background over a year ago... and then this seems fitting w/ the tower and a hello.

Diamond Background & French Script by Hero Arts
Eiffle Tower, Bonjour, Postmark by Crafty Secrets
Ink by Paper Salon

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