Friday, September 28, 2007


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Man, totally swamped around work and life... Need a good breather for sure.

I'm so upset that next week is the much anticipated World Card Making Day and I'm not going to be in town for it. I'll, however, will be in NYC. I know, poor me, right?! ;P

Well, I did find one stamp store up in NYC proper. I'm not about to drive anywhere... are you kidding me, you're in the City, nobody drives. Haha....

I'm thinking I'll probably stop by Kate's Paperie, which is like a Paper Source equivalent, but less stamps. And go to the museum for the neat paper stuff. If any of you have any suggestions in NYC, please let me know.

And you wouldn't believe it, when I come back, it's audit time. So, not sure how productive or how good my work can be at that time. Oy to the vey.

I like this card.... I never appreciated my wheels but this one is so cool, I've been playing w/ it alot more. I have the entire set just need to sit down and play. Ahh time, that's a luxuary to me. Anyway, I like that the ink I got from SU matches the ink pad I got from Paper Salon. So, I was just messin' around, and this came up.

I guess for the butterfly antennas, I can snip it a lot closer, but I didn't trust my hands... You know how that is. It is 3D if you get to see it. This card is really part of my swap I have here locally. Way overdue as usual... eeek.

All stamps by SU
Cardstock by SU
Patterned Paper by Memory Box

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