Friday, September 14, 2007

Shiny happy people

This card is just so bright and it just makes me happy to see some bright colors and fun patterns. Does that happy feeling just come to you when you play w/ your paper and stamps? I get a high, it's sick, I know. :P

Well, my demo was saying that not very many people like this set of SU stamp because the bar code made it harder to play with. But, mostly I'm in it for the image. It's nice. We've experiement w/ different ink too. Then you cut and paste the 3 parts to reassemble the image. That's cool, but a tip, don't mix other barcode images because they don't necessary fit right. You'll see if you try. There's a whole left/right thing.

Anyway, I'm just totally obessesed w/ the Chester color combo and the flowers. Now, I will say there are a few choices that are questionable (i.e. the bright red w/ flowers on them, ick) but the rest of the collection aren't bad. There's one that's purple themed, the pink theme (of course), and there's a light blue themed, and a green theme. I'm all for the pink and purple... not much of a blue person, but still fun to play with.

Then, wouldn't you know it, CTMH had a Groovy set that is similar color scheme. That's sooo awesome, because I can mix and match. I like the easy mix and matches... takes less time to think, more time to play. :P Anyway, I'll post some more that collection when I get a chance this weekend.

So far the weekend is packed w/ dancing stuff, so will try to sneak a card in there when possible.

Green paper by CTMH
Patterned Paper by MAMBI Chester
3D embellishment by Soft Spoken Chester
Stamp by SU

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jodene said...

great card. I love the colors!