Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm exhausted

This weekend we had a dance workshop in town, so needless to say, no much of stamping was done despite the fact that I got my new stamps in *squee*. Truth be told, I wish I took the workshop, because everyone was saying how good of teachers they were. You can check them out, here . Frankly, I think their dancing is more towards competition, and I'm not a competitive dancer, so thought it won't work for me. But I do want to learn about their teaching style, since I've been teaching Swing for over 7 years, needed some new perspective. And after talking to them I do think there are things I can 'steal'. :P

That's how it is w/ dancing (and skating too), you think you've invented some new moves because it's new to you, chances are someone out there had already done it, whether you know it or not. And for Swing dancing which was invented back in the 30s, there are no 'new moves'. There are new moves combination, a better way or a refined way to do moves, but nothing new to speak of. The only 'new' moves is perhaps taken from another dance and make it 'Swing'. But, it's not necessary new.

Unlike stamping. As long as people are innovative and creative, there is always something new. New combo, new technique, new layout, new flourish, new flowers stamps... the combination thereof is endless. That's maybe why I'm also drawn to stamping... there's always something new. Although, that's also to my detriment, well, mostly to my wallet, really.

Ok, all this blabbing... here's today's card. As much as I don't want to admit, I do have a need for Sympathy cards. This was made w/ my friend in mind. She lost her dog recently, due to old age. And she had gotten the puppy since she was 5 weeks old, so they've been together for over a decade, and the puppy is like her child. So, I made this card... but now she's trying to move on, and trying not to dwell, not sure giving her the card is a good idea or not...

Cardstock by SU
Patterned paper by Paper Source
Stamp by SU

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