Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2 scrap cards

There are times that I do scrap cards because they're fast and quick. Not that stamping isn't, but some things come together faster than stamping some times.

This is a card for a friend w/ a baby boy. Like I said before, I know nothing about little boys, but a baby card is just need to be cute, right? So, this will be nice, cute, and easy. The intention of the sheeps are really like they're jumping over the moon or like how we count sheeps to go to bed... One of those. Hee hee...

This is the 2nd scrap card. This is really a bday card, I love dandelions and being in the city you don't get alot of that. (Now I'm talking like I live in NY or something, which I'm not.) Anyway, there's something romantic about them, despite the fact that they are really weeds. Go figure, right?!

Baby boy card:
Card by DCWV
Patterned paper by MAMBI Chester
Embellishment by Soft Spoken Chester
Ribbon by SU
Sheep by Great Impressions

Dandelion card:
All by Pebbles Inc.
Brown cardstock by SU

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