Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall is here, but not here...

Pumpkin Patch
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Well, from what I heard Fall is apparently everywhere but the South. I'm blogging from Atlanta, obviously did not make any cards, since I am travelling. But started to see alot of Fall themed cards, thought I'd share mine.

It's so sad, I'm watching the Today's show and people are in long sleeves, and I'm still in short sleeves. I walked to work today because my office is literally catty corner from the hotel. So, easy trek. But no fall weather in Atlanta either.

I am such a pack rat that I don't throw out anything. Any bits and pieces no matter how small, I keep. Altho, after having some classes w/ ,my quilting/sewing teacher. She makes me throw away things where I'm still comfortable that they're small pieces. Otherwise, I'd feel wasteful.

Anyway, this card is all bits and pieces I've gotten throughout the times... It's funny because I don't even remember where or what card would I've used those papers, but I did at some point.

Autumn Stamp by Hero Arts
Pumpkin by Art Gone Wild
Maroon paper by DCWV
stripe paper by Memory Box
Ribbon by Joann's Essentials

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