Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This is a Bday card I've done a while back... just needed something easy and ... well easy.

I love SU set, all of a sudden the name of the set just escaped me. Geez, having a blonde moment here... Oy. Anyway, I was going to say that it is cute because I can stamped the entire thing if I want to or just the present inside the circle if I want to. So, I love that set for the reason. (Now it's going to bug me for not remembering the name and of course will remember once I posted this, I'm sure.)

Anyway, when you open it:

I just stamped the Happy Birthday from the Alphabet soup.

You know, I love to play w/ new stamps and can't get enough of them. (Anxiously waiting for my order in the mail.) But I have so much fun playing w/ my old stamps too. It's like getting reaquainted all over again.

Last night the City of Houston decided to work on the water main, so after a dance meeting I made DH ran home so we can fill up pots and pans w/ water. The DH just lolly gagging and just drove me crazy because the memo they sent out was shutting down water at 10p.

OMG, he just drives me crazy taking his sweet time. Then next thing you know we started to go thru the entire routine from Austin Powers where Dr. Evil was telling his son Scott the whole thing. Too funny.

Luckily this morning when I got up for work there's running water. Otherwise I was going to have to boil water and just go from there. Whew!

Card by Colorbox
Stamps by SU
Scallopped bubble sticker by Amuse
Happy Birthday scallop by Rubber Soul

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