Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New stamps...

My order got here since Thursday and between skating, dancing, and life, I didn't have any time to play. So, last night I finally got some 'alone' time w/ my stamps and paper. Let me tell you, I feel bad for abandoning DH to his own demise but I needed some play time.

Let me tell you, sometimes having alot of a good thing can be overwhelming. I wanted to play w/ all of my new stamps but they don't necessary all go together at once, you know what I mean. But, I managed to get productive too.

What was so cool is that I happen to catch the new Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader: Making the Team 2. You know, it's fascinating to see these girls tryout and how they are judge, how they dance, ability to learn and all that goes before the team is form and what you see on gamedays. That's just fascinating to me. I'm not usually a sucker for reality shows, but this one and Coyote Ugly was fasinating too on CMT because of the movie (I think). Otherwise, I don't usually watch CMT. However, I think they are the only 'music' tv station that still play music videos, unlike MTV & VH1. Go figure.

Alright, let's talk stamps. This is a set that is from the Simply Card Set. Now I know it's silly, I'm paying significantly more for a small 6 stamps set, but it also came w/ the cards, brads, 3 stampin' spot, precut cardstock, and ribbon. So, I feel ok w/ that. Plus, it's purrrty... that's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;)

Card by DCWV
Ribbon by Making Memories
Stamps by SU Simply Delight
Cardstock by SU

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