Thursday, September 20, 2007

A friend like U!

Hello hello! Sorry for being perky, but just a good enough mood. We're gearing up for an audit at work, and of course I have to take a couple of business trips right beforehand which makes the stress level rise. Everyone wants some prep time, ya know. But that's no bother to me today... don't know why, but I'm taking it and run with it.

So, told you guys I got my order, and this is one of those products. Now, I CASEd/card lifted from someone. I do apologize, I don't remember where. As a matter of fact I think I've only saw that card once but something about it appealed to me. It was eye-pleasing for one, and the ribbons though hidden, also made the card. And when I was sitting down, it somehow came back to me. If you know who it belongs to, let me know so I can give the prop to the right person.

Anyway, we went skating last night, the DH was being a big baby because he's been sick w/ a head cold. He claimed he got it from me, but when I was sick I was just down for 1 day. He's been down for at least 3. Men...

So, while he's sick, he still want to go skating. So, we did. It was fun, but he wore himself out very quickly. So, imagine we won't do that when he's sick ever again. Silly boy! What would they do without us?

All by SU
Paper: Apple Cider
Stamps: True Friend & Carte Postale

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