Monday, September 10, 2007

Oy to the vey, I've been sick all weekend... started w/ a scratchy throat and then it went down hill from there. Needless to say, didn't get much stamping done, but here's something I worked on last week.

I needed a Just Because card, and it's difficult when someone is into cheerful colors when you're not in the mood to be. But, I think this turn out pretty colorful, all in all.

I got these chipboard for free when I worked for Lil Davis at the Arlington convention. Don't know if you guys have ever tried it, but whenever you go to a show/convention, each of the vendor often times will need extra hands to help make sure people are directed in traffic, restock, or just being helpful.

I actually was reading Lil Davis' blog and they sent out a plea for help, figured I'm there anyways, might as well help them out. In the past, my friends told me that they'd get products in return for their help. But, I didn't expected to get paid. So, I got paid as well as some products. That was cool. It basically helped cover my entry fee and some stuff I purchased. And the products I got was just bonus because a, I was going to get them anyway, b, instead of paying retail they charged like $1 or $2 for them; and c, I got them for free for working. So, that rawked for me.

Anyway, as great as that sounded, I may not do it again. Some ladies were awfully rude just because I was 'working' for them. I am not exactly on the payroll but I am helping. They were just treating me quite unfriendly because they expect that I give them what they wanted. Well, that's hard to do if I don't know the inventory nor do I really work for the company. The other thing is that people often time take their pullie and/or stroller (with the kid still in them) with them, and take up alot of room and basically the set up was to get you in a one-way traffic kinda style. That way, it forces you to look at everything before you get to check out. In between, however, I have to restock, and between the pullie/stroller, and they think that I'm rude trying to swim upstream. Basically, it's hard to restock when the traffic is mean.

Now, that is not to deter you from helping or volunteering, just that no one had told me that would happen. I'd figured that we're all crafters, should have the minimal respect for each other, if not as human beings. Being rude wasn't part of the game plan, so to speak. But, if you get a chance to do it, I highly encourage it, because it has a good payoff. And, the next time the vendor remembers you and you get a better set up than before.

Card by SU
Flower stamp by SU
Flower chipboard by Lil Davis
Enjoy your day by Hero Arts

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